Welcome to the QRR oficial.

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Monday: Training

Tuesday: Free play                      NCO meeting

Wednesday: Free play

Thursday: Holdfast Linebattle

Friday: Holdfast Linebattle

Saturday: Holdfast Linebattle 

Sunday: Holdfast Siege

      note: This may very per week but you wil be informed before 


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Make sure to read the rules.


- Do not Swear/Insult in game.

- Have respect towards your fellow QRR members.

- Have respect towards other regiments and members.

- Listen to you commanding officers and NCO's.

- Inform your Officer that you are not able to attend Event/Training.

- Do not troll on other servers with the QRR tag.

- If you have a problem with a member please contact an NCO. Don't keep it for yourself  just tell an NCO. You can contact an NCO by sending them a mesage in steam or ask them to talk to you in teamspeak. List of NCO's you can find in the contact tab. 

- If you have a problem with a fellow QRR member, inform your NCO of the problem. The NCO will then address it to the officer if the problem is not solved.

Note: Failure to follow and respect the rules will be given a warning, continue to do so and it will be an instant ground for kick from the regiment.